Jun. 23 – Car maker Renault is to unveil a prototype electric car designed for Better Place’s electric vehicle infrastructure in Israel, at the Frankfurt Motor Show from September 15-27th. The new electric car, to be called the “Fluence,” is based on the new generation of Renault “Megane” sedan, and will be distinguished from other electric car models by unique external design features. The vehicle, which is to be launched in Israel in the second half of 2011, will be equipped with a battery located behind the back seat with an opening beneath the trunk for swift unloading. Renault plans to call the recharging method “Quick-Drop”. Renault plans to unveil three different methods of recharging the Fluence at the motor show. This includes recharge using a regular 220-volt socket designed for the home, with 10 or 16 amperes – a method that takes six to eight hours. A recharge using a rapid 400 volt industrial charger with a three-phase 32 ampere socket. Chargers like this will be located in factories, offices or changing stations and can recharge 80% of the battery within just 30 minutes. The final method is the rapid exchange of batteries planned by Better Place.