Thousands of wounded birds, as well as reptiles, snakes and lizards, are nursed back to health at the Israeli Wildlife Hospital in Ramat Gan.

Hidden away in the far reaches of the popular Ramat Gan Safari park (Zoological Center of Tel Aviv), reptiles, snakes and lizards – and a whole lot of birds – are getting a new lease on life at the Israeli Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Center run jointly with the Israeli Nature and Parks Authority.

Safari lions

Picture courtesy of The Jerusalem Post
Staff at the Israeli Wildlife Hospital treat a bird.

Most of the creatures in this unusual hospital wind up there due to human carelessness or malice. Once they are nursed back to health, they are then released once more into the wild.

“As part of the human race, we’re responsible for all of the bad things that are happening to wild animals all over the world, and more and more wild animals are becoming extinct,” says veterinarian Dr. Rona Nadler-Kouris. “This is where I can play a small part to stop that.”