MeeMix: A soundtrack to your life.There’s nothing like being the DJ at a party. People stop by and talk with you. Girls hand over phone numbers. You feel popular as you show off your great taste in music, and your ability to dig up hidden treasures.

But you don’t have to go to a party, or back to your old record collection, to strut your musical stuff. A new Israeli company MeeMix, is not only a personal DJ that has the power to read your mind, it lets you share your musical taste with the world.

Featured as a community-based website, MeeMix uses artificial intelligence to study your taste in music and creates a music channel that is just for you. Consider it a soundtrack to your life. The company goes one step further than the popular US-based Pandora, an online company that offers you new songs based on the preferences of previous ones. Pandora learns what you like as you give thumbs up or down to songs it plays for you.

MeeMix does more than study the DNA of the music you like, says its founder and CEO Gilad Shlang: “If you only look at song items a person’s listening to and not the person, you lose 100 percent of information about who that person is,” he tells ISRAEL21c.

Broadcast your taste

Equipped with personal music channel sharing capabilities through Facebook, a community forum, and more, MeeMix studies who you are, based on the actions you take, and sends you songs – and now videos from YouTube – that you are bound to like.

The Tel Aviv based company, founded in 2006, studied the technology of Pandora and realized it could add value to the online music experience by going a few steps further. And although online radio stations come a dime a dozen these days, there are few companies like MeeMix who are using complicated computer algorithms to predict what music you will love.

MeeMix weighs actions you make on its site, considers your age, where you live, your native language, your listening and online habits. The company does this with the help of a resident psychologist to understand a person’s unique musical signature.

Plus, “people want to be recognized for their taste in music,” Shlang explains. “They get a chance to discover and be amazed about finding out about a band.”

In the future, MeeMix plans on offering mobile content to its subscribers. Today, about 70% of its subscribers are American and the company reports a growth of registration to its site of about 25 percent, per month.

Mood music

Feeling excited today? Have a broken heart? Just let MeeMix know and it will alter the flavor of the music it sends you. Or if you are an artist dying for exposure, MeeMix lets you upload your songs to the MeeMix catalog to help you reach new fans and listeners.

“Expect an array of real expression and real passion, generated by real people side by side with official music videos and concert footage,” promises Shlang.