November 17, 2010, Updated September 13, 2012

An Israeli start up has developed a blood clot-prevention device that could one day replace blood-thinning drugs.

After surgery, up to five million patients in the US are given blood thinning drugs every year to prevent potentially lethal clots. However, the medications themselves can cause problems and often have troubling side effects.

Now an Israeli start up believes it has the answer. MCS Medical has developed a device that it claims can prevent blood clots so effectively it can replace blood thinner medication.

Blood cells

In the wake of surgery, many patients are given blood thinning drugs, with troubling side effects.

According to Adi Dagan, CEO and co-founder of MCS Medical, the results of a clinical trial recently published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery prove that the device has the same efficacy as the leading drug on the market and eliminates the serious bleeding complications associated with this drug.

The device is based on a convenient, user-friendly pump and a ‘sleeve’ that speed up the blood movement through the veins. It synchronizes itself with the natural pulsations of the veins in the legs that push the blood up through the body.

Watch this ISRAEL21c video and learn how a medical device developed by a small start-up in Israel is competing with some of the world’s major drug companies.

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