Rachel Neiman
November 7, 2014

Tami Rishona Ellison is a biologist and recent olah (new immigrant) to Israel. She’s also an accomplished  photographer with numerous event and gallery showings to her credit. An exhibit of Ellison’s unique Photage works is now on display at the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem.

Photage, meaning photo and montage, is a technique developed by Ellison (patent pending) whereby she creates dynamic 3D-like visual illusions in two dimensional space. Each photage combines three separate pictures that the mind recognize and reassembles to literally “fill in the blanks” despite the separation between the segments.

Photage_Tami Rishona Ellison_1

Ellison created the process as a storytelling tool to convey Israel’s rich history. “Photage art begins as a story, a composition of impressions, experiences, textures and colors. Each Photage not only conveys my experiences but also invites viewers to explore and discover their own connections”.

Remember is based on Psalms 137 and showcases three iconic Jerusalem scenes: a golden sunset, the Western Wall plaza and a view from the Haas promenade looking toward the Old City”.

Photage_Remember-Tami Rishona Ellison

Persistence Israel at 65 is reflected in three juxtaposed photos: acacia trees at the foot of Masada, a juniper branch in the upper stones of the Kotel, and cloned palm dates trees”.

Photage-Persistence-Tami Rishona Ellison

“Fundamentally, science is about being aware of the world around us, a multi-sensory experience which informs our world view. For me, photography is a way of applying my observational skills, extending my reach and vision (sometimes through the zoom lens), and ultimately enhancing my appreciation for the beauty and wonder of the faces, places and spaces I encounter each day”.

Born in the United States, Ellison was raised in Chicago, Illinois where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in the Biological Sciences and a thesis research Master of Science degree from the University of Illinois, Laboratory for Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology. After completing her studies, she worked as a high-tech and biotech marketing communications’ consultant for a wide range of public and private sector concerns. In 2001, she moved to Denver, Colorado where she led numerous science education initiatives, including integrating critical and creative thinking skills with Science, Math and Art (SMArt) content for both secular and Judaic curricula.

After returning from a trip to Israel in December 2012, she developed the Photage process and continued to hone her photography skills. In August 2014, she fulfilled a lifelong dream to make Aliyah and now makes her home in Jerusalem.

The exhibition, Photage Autumn Impressions, will be on view from October 27th to December 31st at the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem. For more information: www.mada.org.il. To view more works by Tami Rishona Ellison, visit her website.

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