Oracle has acquired Crosswise, the startup that helps advertisers and marketers with cross-device advertising, personalization and analytics. Financial details of the deal were not announced but reports say the multinational computer technology corporation paid $50 million for the Israeli startup.

Crosswise solves a difficult problem for advertisers. Its technology identifies the different devices users are using and then helps advertisers personalize their content on each device.

Crosswise’s innovative technology processes over one petabyte of user and device activity data from billions of unique devices every month. By applying advanced data science and proprietary machine-learning techniques to this data, Crosswise constructs a new probabilistic Device Map matching multiple devices to individual users.

Oracle says its acquisition of Crosswise will be added to its Oracle Data Cloud.

In February, Oracle bought Israel’s Ravello Systems for $500 million.

Crosswise was founded in 2013 by CEO Steven Glantz, CTO Jonathan Sidnr and Vice President of R&D Ron Reitner. The company employs 20 people.