An article in Oprah Winfrey’s website magazine praising an Israeli company’s fat-dissolving technology led to a 63.3 percent leap in the share price of UltraShape.

The article explains that the UltraShape technology safely removes fat cells which are destroyed by ultrasound and eliminated from the body as waste. It refers to it as, “the next big thing in cosmetics” and “one of the most promising innovations n the cosmetics world.”

Following publication of the article on UltraShape’s website, the company’s stock soared 63% in an unusual cycle of about $7 million.

The article notes, “It sounds too good to be true, but it may soon be a reality: Many dermatologists and plastic surgeons are confident that in the coming years they’ll be able to eliminate unwanted fat painlessly, without the invasiveness and risks of liposuction.”

Despite the praise, the writers note that UltraShape is the preferred solution for those suffering from extreme over-weight and is mostly efficient in areas where there is fat concentration.

The product is still waiting to receive approval from the American FDA before the machine can be marketed in the US.