While last week’s Onliners vlog focused on pickup lines and embarrassing moments, in Chapter 4 exchange students Pascaline Wagemans from Belgium, Simon Baaske from Austria and Danielle Gershon from the United States take on a serious topic: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Professional diplomats, they’re not. But since the whole point of the video blog, according to producers Students For Israel, is to provide an unbiased look at the “real” Israel through the eyes of visiting college students, it’s only fair to ask how the situation affects them.

For Simon, who’s studying at Beersheva’s Ben-Gurion University, that means missile attacks in the night, while for Pascaline, who lives in Tel Aviv, the conflict has little apparent impact at all.

Says Pascaline: “I invite all of you to come here to see the reality as it is … talk to the people in order to really understand.”

Not a bad piece of advice.