The New York Stock Exchange today (November 10) salutes leading Israeli women and their contribution to the US-Israel relationship in fields of business, economy, science, high-tech and fashion, as part of the 10th annual America-Israel Friendship League (AIFL) Israel Day at NYSE.

The AIFL is also marking the country’s disproportionate prominence on Wall Street — now ranking as the largest foreign presence outside of China and Canada.

“The level of Israeli equities listed on Wall Street is yet another example of Israeli innovation and the strong US-Israel relationship,” said Daniella Rilov, Executive Director of the America-Israel Friendship League. “Not only are we recognizing these outstanding companies at Israel Day, but the event is also honoring four Israeli women leaders, because Israel, like the United States, celebrates its gender diversity. The day is an example of just a few of the common traits both countries have.”

Tzameret Fuerst, entrepreneur and co-founder of Circ MedTech, which developed PrePex, an FDA-approved device for HIV protection; Karen Haruvi, SVP global generic business development and alliance management for Teva Pharmaceuticals; Noa Raviv, acclaimed fashion designer and artist; and Liat Mordechay Hertanu, co-founder of 24me, are being honored for their success.

“In the pharmaceutical industry, there are maybe two women CEO’s out of millions of companies around the world,” said Haruvi. “Women are continuously working to show how we can combine family life and professional life and that is one of the main challenges.”

Israel Day at the NYSE. Photo by Shahar Azran
Israel Day at the NYSE. Photo by Shahar Azran

Investing in Israel is also a main goal of the Israel Day happening.

“One should invest in Israel not just to support the Jewish State, but because it is a solid investment that historically has outperformed most other international equity investments over the past three, five, and 10 years,” said Steven Schoenfeld, CEO of Bluestar Indexes.