ISRAEL21c is pleased to announce our new TikTok account, where we plan on sharing our latest content in a fun and friendly way for all.

Available here, the account will highlight a wide range of our most recent content as posted by our student Digital Ambassadors.

Our latest TikToks, for example, include one introducing Israeli NBA player Deni Avdija by digital ambassador Ben Pierkaz at Brown University.

Our digital ambassador from Columbia University Romy Ronen, meanwhile, has shared with the world the fact that Simon Cowell is set to join “The X Factor Israel” and that Israel can celebrate the most Covid vaccines per capita in the world.

“At ISRAEL21c our goal is to share the amazing stories coming out of Israel with everyone, of every age. What better way to reach the young than through TikTok? It’s become one of the most significant channels for creative youngsters and they are increasingly looking for content that can make a difference,” says ISRAEL21c Editor and Israel Director Nicky Blackburn.

ISRAEL21c’s TikTok account is joining our other social-media channels, including our Facebook page and our Instagram account.

If you’re interested in learning more about ISRAEL21c’s student Digital Ambassador Program, click here.