Textile manufacturing is one of the most polluting industries in the world. And the staggering amount of one-use personal protective equipment (PPE) getting thrown in the trash daily is another growing environmental problem.

Israeli family-owned textile manufacturer Ofertex specializes in recycled cleaning and home textile materials. Now it has launched an ecofriendly antibacterial PPE line.

“Unfortunately, most protective face gear, such as surgical masks for example, is single use, which makes it extremely damaging for the environment,” said Zvi Meir, CEO of Ofertex.

“We are proud to offer a responsible alternative to conventional facemasks, without compromising on its quality and protection level that we maintain through the ergonomic design of our mask and our antibacterial copper nanotechnology.”

Ofertex’s patterned EcoMask. Photo: courtesy

The outer layers of the Ofertex Antibacterial EcoMask are 100 percent high-thread-count cotton.

The mask’s inner filter fabric, developed with the support of The Israel Innovation Authority, is non-woven viscose and polyester processed from recycled textiles and embedded with antimicrobial copper nanoparticles.

EcoMask not marketed as medical gear. But it is verified by the Standards Institution of Israel as 80% effective against bacteria of 2 microns and less. It comes in large, medium and small sizes, each adjustable to fit snugly for optimal effectiveness.

The Ofertex Antibacterial EcoMask is available online for $20.

Ofertex is a fourth-generation family company whose ecofriendly home, outdoor and industrial products are sold under the Clean Life brand name at Walgreens, Duane Reade, Kroger, Carrefour, Tesco, Walmart and other retailers worldwide. This is the company’s first entry to the PPE market.