There’s a new fruit on supermarket shelves in Israel. It’s called the Nano Watermelon and it’s exactly that: A smaller version of the country’s favorite summer fruit.

The Nano is sweeter than the original, a slightly different color and no heavier than three kilograms (making it easier to carry home).

The new fruit was developed over three years by Origene Seeds CEO Dr. Eyal Vardi. Hishtil Nurseries and Itay Gal, a farmer from Moshav Ein Yahav, tested the winter watermelon and deemed it ready for market.

The Nano is said to be sweeter than the original watermelon. The average sugar content in a regular watermelon is 10 percent; the winter fruit contains 12%.

Moreover, the fruit is packed with antioxidant vitamins and minerals.

So, there’s no more waiting for summer in order to enjoy a slice of watermelon. The yummy fruit is now available year round.