In the second of our successful series of DIY exhibitions, ISRAEL21c today launches its new exhibition on Israeli aid worldwide.

My Name is Israel, which you can share online, or download, print and stage anywhere, is a remarkable account of the work of Israeli individuals, nonprofits and governmental organizations, in the wake of humanitarian crises and disasters all over the world.

In our 15 full-color slide exhibition, we share with you some of the most unforgettable stories about Israeli aid, bringing these inspiring reports together for the first time ever in one place.

In the exhibition, find out how:

• Four medical facilities in northern Israel have treated more than 1,200 Syrians wounded in the civil war since 2013, and the number continues to rise.

• A delegation of 150 doctors and nurses from the Israel Defense Forces treated 2,686 patients over a period of nearly two weeks after a deadly typhoon in the Philippines in 2013.

• Nearly 5,000 children from 51 countries including Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Gaza, China, Ukraine and Sudan have received lifesaving heart surgery thanks to the Israeli charity Save a Child’s Heart.

• Tel Aviv native Ofir Drori’s wildlife protection NGO, the EAGLE Network, has put more than 1,300 major wildlife traffickers behind bars in the last 13 years.

• Israel’s nationwide voluntary first-response network, United Hatzalah, is training volunteers in the United States, Panama, Argentina, Brazil, Lithuania and India how to reach people in a medical emergency within three minutes.

• The African Union Commission recognized Israel as the largest donor per capita for fighting and preventing the spread of Ebola.

• A Nepalese woman was pulled from the rubble by Israeli search-and-rescue volunteers five days after a catastrophic earthquake hit Nepal in 2015.

These are just a few of the moving stories you can learn about in our exhibition My Name is Israel.

Israel may be a tiny country with a population of just over 8 million, but since it was founded in 1948, it has sent aid to 140 countries, helping people all over the world with anything from emergency medical aid to psychological counselling, educational and environmental relief.

It’s a phenomenal achievement, and at ISRAEL21c we want to help you share this story with people everywhere.

My Name is Israel is for you. It features 15 slides, which you can either share online, or download, print and post anywhere you want – at schools, community centers, organizations – anywhere you want people to learn more about Israel.

Each of the slides includes textual information about the area of aid and QR links to significant further reading material that can help viewers gain a detailed picture of how Israelis of every religion are taking the Jewish concept of tikkun olam, repairing the world, and applying it literally to try to help people worldwide in so many different ways.

My Name is Israel follows in the footsteps of our first wildly successful exhibition, 18 Ways Israel is Changing the World, which went on exhibit in hundreds of locations around the world.