Israeli paparazzi are known for ignoring the ‘personal space’ rule when famous people come to visit from America. But crooner Michael Bolton looks to have plenty of arm room in a photo he posted on his Twitter feed, announcing his surprise arrival in Israel.

Despite numerous posts on Twitter asking the singer-songwriter why he chose to come now, Bolton has yet to offer even a tiny hint.

Michael Bolton's Twitter feed
Michael Bolton’s Twitter feed

His tweet says: “Hello from Tel Aviv!!! It’s my first time in Israel and I’m excited to be here, even though it’s a short trip.”

Bolton also posted a question to his fans: “what country is top of YOUR list to visit???”

Obviously, his choice was Israel.

Tel Aviv tweeted a welcome, as did the Israeli Embassy in the US.

The 62-year-old singer, who is Jewish, is best known for his easy listening, love songs.

Main photo by Shutterstock