Mental health during a pandemic

Watch an exclusive interview with StandWithUs senior educator Charlotte Korchak as she unpacks her mental health experiences during Covid-19.

If this coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it’s how to take better care of ourselves, both mentally and physically. The importance of mental health has been more apparent than ever. For some, mental health means taking a self-care day, and for others, it means coping with depression. The pandemic has brought about a new conversation that unites those who struggle with their mental health, in hopes of creating an environment in which we don’t feel like we are alone.

So what are the coping methods that have been shared around the world? How do you think the stigma against mental health has changed and what does it all mean for the future of mental health?

We spoke to StandWithUs Senior Educator Charlotte Korchak on her experiences with her mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic, to find out. Watch here.


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