Ambassador Spotlight: Frankie Alchanati

Birthday: July 8, 1998

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

College/University: Drexel University

Major, Minor(s): Architecture with a minor in Construction Management

What’s your favorite ISRAEL21c article and why?

“The 10 Most Fabulous Bauhaus buildings in Tel Aviv”

As someone who is studying architecture, reading an article like this gives me the opportunity to learn and study new styles and ideas. I especially love the idea of various cultures being able to unite through design.

What’s your favorite part about being a digital ambassador?

My favorite part about being an ISRAEL21c ambassador is getting the chance to learn and evolve my perspectives. Every week, I read the various articles that are published by ISRAEL21c which helps me to become more knowledgeable on various events, issues, and findings.

Best Israeli song you know?

My favorite song is Mi’Ma’amakim by Idan Raichel.

Photo of you in Israel:

Frankie catches some rays at Rosh HaNikra. Photo courtesy

What’re you up to in this photo?
This picture was taken in Rosh HaNikra- which is a city in the north of Israel. I definitely recommend checking out this city because it is filled with such powerful history and such a welcoming community. These aspects are two of the many reasons why I love this country so much. Israel has such a complex history that emphasizes the resilience of the country.

What else are you passionate about?

Frankie Alchanati at Machu Picchu in Peru. Photo courtesy

I love to travel. I think it is so important to learn and immerse yourself in places that are unfamiliar to you. Doing this, I get to challenge myself. This picture was taken in Peru at Machu Picchu. This was one of the six South American countries that I had the chance to visit this past summer. I met many locals, tried many different foods, and had the opportunity to immerse myself in a place that is so different. I loved every moment of it!

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