Assaf Pinchuk specializes in creating images of architecture, design, commerce and industry. Together with wife and business partner Miri, he has worked for a roster of clients that includes some of Israel’s leading companies and institutions. He’s also captured some of the country’s most magnificent homes and hotels within his lens.

For example, Acre’s boutique Efendi Hotel, composed of two adjacent glorious palaces that once served the wealthy Ottoman ruling class in the 19th century.

The Scots Hotel in Tiberias, a 19th century hospital that in 1999 was reopened as luxury hotel.

Tel AViv’s once-dowdy Royal Beach Hotel, now magnificently refurbished.

From the Beresheet Hotel on the edge of the Ramon Crater…

To Eilat’s Ice Park & Mall at the country’s southernmost tip.

That last one isn’t a hotel but the image of this desert-bound ice skating rink has got to be seen and appreciated!

Many more magnificent structures from around Israel, north, south and center, can be seen on Assaf Pinchuk’s website.