Sporting events are a great place to snap pictures of family and friends at their best. That rule holds even more true when it comes to an event like Maccabiah 2013. The world’s largest Jewish athletic competition is an extended family bonded together by heritage, a common love of sports and — in the spirit of our age — online photo sharing that has turned the Internet into a giant family album.

There are endless numbers of photos being taken every minute of the day during the competition, run through a variety of filters, composited together like collages… or album pages… and posted to Instagram.

Simply enter the hashtag #maccabiah2013 to experience the games through the eyes of its participants. Their excitement and enthusiasm shines through.

Photo by #yuvalpossti
Photo by #dav_kruge
Photo by #bachelreth
Photo by #schmacky
Photo by #ola_gutman

More photos are being uploaded by the minute and can be viewed on Statigram and other Instagram viewers. Enjoy!