Thanks to Israel’s successful vaccination drive, we are now able to hold classes in their natural habitat where they belong, on our beautiful campus.

Please hear from our students and read about their experience studying an undergraduate degree at IDC Herzliya.

Sharon Berhovski, originally from Germany, is currently in her first year studying towards a degree in government and sustainability.

“I chose to study at IDC because of its unique double major government and sustainability degree that doesn’t exist anywhere else in Israel.

The teachers are experts in their fields; when we struggled in the Zoom semesters, they were understanding and did everything to make our experience as good as possible.

Sharon Berhovski, Germany, Government & Sustainability

Not only through the degree but also because of the many extracurricular activities that are offered at IDC, I get hands-on experience and opportunities that are genuinely outstanding.

I get to meet people from such different backgrounds. After this degree I want to work in the field of sustainability, either at an NGO, a start-up or maybe even become a policy maker. IDC provides me tools for all of those things, if it’s entrepreneurial thinking, public policy, etc.”

Sharon served in the IDF Spokesperson Unit and then switched to the artillery brigade as a combat soldier before studying at IDC.

Milaine Ilyaev, South Africa, Psychology

For Milaine Ilyaev, studying at IDC meant an unforgettable experience, “top lecturers, a place to meet fascinating people from all over the world and receive a high standard of education. A wonderful support system and platform to begin my life as a new immigrant in Israel.”

Milaine studied psychology and is currently studying animal-assisted therapy at Machon Magid, affiliated with the Hebrew University.

According to Jonathan Dar, a second-year entrepreneurship and business student, “IDC has enabled me to further develop the potential career paths I’ve chosen to pursue.

Jonathan Dar, USA, Entrepreneurship & Business Student

“Nonetheless, my program provided new and exciting paths I never even imagined doing, allowing me to work hands-on in a variety of interesting subjects. I am thankful for the opportunities, knowledge, and experience IDC contributed towards my future.”

Niv Gittelman, a third-year communications student from Panama, says, “Studying at IDC has enabled me to find my professional path and inspired me to build it here in Israel. I’m very grateful for the people and the professors I’ve met throughout my studies. I’m looking forward to maintaining all of those relationships.”

Aaron Herbert, South Africa, Computer Science

Aaron Herbert, originally from South Africa, says he decided to come study at IDC Herzliya as he felt a connection to Israel.

“I had to follow what I wanted to do. IDC Herzliya is the best place I could be as it is full of amazing people and opportunities all while being in Israel.”

Aaron is currently in his first year at IDC studying computer science.

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