Israel’s agricultural technologies continue to attract new interest from around the world. Most recently, 24 experts from 10 Latin America countries took part in a water resources management course run by the CINADCO-Center for International Agricultural Development Cooperation and MASHAV.

The international group visited the Kishon River Authority to hear about the rehabilitation and cleanup project that is transforming the polluted waterway into a thriving nature reserve.

Kishon River authorities say the group was so impressed that interest in future collaboration in water resources management and agricultural development were raised for discussion.

The goal of the CINADCO-MASHAV program is to share Israel’s development experience and help train professionals from Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and the Middle East.

CINADCO’s cooperation programs cover a wide range of topics related to water resources management, irrigation and fertilization, sustainable market oriented agriculture, intensive livestock & dairy production, agricultural research and development structures, among others.

The Center for International Agricultural Development Cooperation within the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development regularly collaborates with the Kishon River Authority.