Information on more than 5,000 Israeli companies is available to Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) nations through a new partnership between Start-Up Nation Central (SNC) and Connect Americas, a social network created by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) with the support of Google, DHL, Sealand, Facebook and Mastercard.

ConnectAmericas is an online business platform that helps small and medium-sized enterprises from LAC get access to communities of clients, suppliers and investors in the region and internationally.

“The Israeli tech and innovation sector is receiving substantial attention from around the world in general, and especially during the global pandemic,” said Eugene Kandel, CEO of Start-Up Nation Central.

Our partnership with IDB plays a major role in connecting the ecosystems, allowing us to identify Israeli partners to jointly develop and adapt solutions to the challenges faced by Latin America and the Caribbean.”

The partners created company profiles on the ConnectAmericas platform using data from Start-Up Nation Finder.

SNC will provide support services and manage introductions and interactions between LAC and Israeli companies signed through the partnership. The IDB Lab will serve as a sandbox to pilot selected solutions in health, cybersecurity, food security, critical infrastructure and social services.

“Covid-19 will accelerate the shift to digital, and reshape the business landscape,” said Ana María Rodríguez, VP for Sectors and Knowledge at IDB. “Latin America and the Caribbean must be part of the digital future. The alignment of public and private strategies is, without doubt, a necessary condition for success.”