Israel’s Knesset inaugurates the largest solar field of any parliament in the world. (Photo: Knesset)

The much-talked about solar field on the Knesset rooftop is now a reality. At a festive dedication ceremony at the end of March, Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein called the new energy source “a turning point with regards to the environmental awareness revolution.”

“The installment of the solar panels, the highlight of the Green Knesset Project, will bring about the optimal use of solar energy, which, thank G-d, we have here in abundance, and will lead – along with the other [energy-saving] measures we have taken – to major savings in the consumption of electricity – which constitutes a third of the Knesset’s total energy consumption,” said Edelstein.

The project had been heavily promoted over the past two years.

“What is happening before our very eyes is indeed exciting, a true revolution. It is not just the solar panels; it is the message, the idea, the new path,” he said.

The Knesset’s solar roof is said to be the largest solar field of any parliament in the world.

“I hope this solar roof will serve as a green beacon of environmental activity for the entire public in Israel and for the new Knesset members,” said Naor Yerushalmi, CEO of the Life and Environment organization.