Snow days may be common elsewhere in the world, but for Jerusalemites a day in the snow is a rare bit of fun.

It was the biggest snowstorm to hit Jerusalem in more than two decades. Much of the city was closed down in the morning but public transport returned to the roads shortly after noon.

Jerusalemites young and old headed to city parks to make snow people and throw snow balls.

Our videographer Elahn Zetlin went out on the streets of Jerusalem to catch the fun.

Snow was also reported in the Negev and as far south as Dimona as well as in the hillier north of Israel in Safed and throughout the Golan Heights. Local news reports said hundreds of thousands of Israelis are expected to head north over the weekend to play in the snow. Over 1.2 meters of white powder piled up at the base of Mount Hermon – the only ski site in Israel.

Video by Elahn Zetlin.