Ambassador Spotlight: Jeremy Rosenberg

Birthday: March 24, 1999

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

University: Wayne State University

Major: Political science; minors in journalism and business

What’s your favorite ISRAEL21c article and why?

“Chakratec introduces a 10-minute charge for electric cars”

Chakratec battery-charging stations work with any current-generation EV ready for fast-charging. Photo: courtesy

I really like this article because it talks about an incredible invention that could shape the future of electric cars! As is the case with most technology coming from Israel, it’s incredibly exciting, and could be world altering.

What’s your favorite part about being a digital ambassador?

ISRAEL21c is an incredible organization, and without it I may never have found a website for such diverse news coming out of Israel. Not only that, but I get to meet other people who share a love for Israel and its accomplishments, and I get to share these articles and videos with people who may not otherwise see such good news.

Best Israeli song you know?

“K’ShehalevBoche” or “UfGozal”

Photo of you in Israel:

Jeremy Rosenberg, second from left, with friends in Israel. Photo: courtesy

What else are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about a lot of things, but nothing more than Detroit. When I’m not doing my ISRAEL21c work, you can find me working as a ballboy for the Detroit Tigers, exploring different parts of the city, or showing someone else the hidden gems that I’ve found over the years.

What’s your favorite Israeli food?

Chicken shawarma



What’s your favorite thing to do in Israel?


Israelis hiking in the Judean Desert. Photo by Yossi Zamir/FLASH90