Hip hop star and American cultural icon Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter is the new face for Duracell Powermat. He will serve as the new spokesman for the company and as an investor in the Israeli wireless technology.

“I believe in the future of wireless energy and I believe that Duracell Powermat is the company to bring on the revolution,” said the emcee-entrepreneur. “I’m partnering with Duracell Powermat because they’re providing the solutions for the future.”

“We are proud to work with such an inspiring icon, whose music and success speaks to an entire generation all over the world. Our common vision and voice will pave the way for the upcoming wireless power revolution,” said Ron Rabinowitz, CEO of Duracell Powermat.

Jay-Z is the latest Hollywood star to invest in an Israeli start-up. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio recently made a high profile investment in the phone app Mobli. 

Duracell Powermat was formed in September 2011 by Procter & Gamble’s Duracell brand and Powermat Technologies. The joint venture recently exhibited its new line of wireless charging products at the Consumer Electronics Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

In addition to his music forays, Jay-Z is a multi-faceted spokesman and has had endorsement deals with the likes of Reebok, Hewlett Packard, and Bing.

“Jay-Z is power personified. He inspires millions of people all over the world on a daily basis with his music and his story,” said Ran Poliakine, CEO of Powermat Technologies. “There is no better face or voice that can move people to adopt a new paradigm in power delivery.”