German ProFreerunner athletes Amadei Weiland and Jason Paul stopped in Israel recently for a gravity-defying adventure that saw these adrenaline-seekers jump, roll, vault and lache at landmarks across the country.

From a terrifying handstand atop the 50-story Azrieli towers in Tel Aviv to dive-rolls at the Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem to hopping over the Old City’s famous Roman-Byzantine Cardo pillars, Paul and Weiland’s tour of Israel was rather different than the usual tourist itinerary.

They did the customary camel selfie in an extraordinary way – vaulting over the ungulate instead of sitting in its saddle. At the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, these two daredevils perfected wall flips on the outside of the building instead of partaking in the usual visit inside.

The Israeli Ministry of Tourism and Parkour Israel joined forces to sponsor Weiland and Paul’s trip to help put Israel on the Parkour map. Members of the local freerunning community also joined these two madcap athletes to roll, stride, cartwheel, vault and cat-leap at the country’s landmarks.

The photos and videos of their feats are jaw-dropping.

Weiland and Paul uploaded the phenomenal Parkour exploits in Israel to their social-media feeds. Some of the Instagram photos and YouTube videos collected upwards of 18,000 views within days.

“Israel is awesome,” Paul declares on many of his social-media postings.

Weiland also uses the word “awesome” as a tag to many of his pictures from here.

I can't see my house from here, but @aaronmentalmotion can ???? good morning Tel Aviv! #go2israel

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Good Morning Jerusalem ???????????????? #go2israel • ???? shot on @GoPro by @ediphotoeye

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