Pop diva Rihanna was in Israel again this week, singing (or lip-synching) before thousands of adoring fans and their parents. The visit was not without controversy but perhaps the most pertinent commentary came by way of rocker Amanda Palmer, who was also in town to perform at Tel Aviv’s Barby club.

Palmer, who wields a mean ukelele, sat with fans in the middle of Rothschild Boulevard and delivered her own version of Rhianna’s hit “Umbrella”: Palmer’s stripped-down cover was playful, passionate and real — fully connected to the audience. You can view a video of it here.

Guy Prives was on hand to capture Palmer in the act. Prives is one of Israel’s most inspired live performance photographers with a knack for conveying the energy onstage and the vibe that goes on behind the scenes. In honor of this week’s visitors from abroad, Prives offers several images of their local counterparts: the women of Israeli rock.

The multitalented Marina Maximilian Blumin (left), classically trained musician and jazz singer, and singer, songwriter, composer and actress Efrat Gosh (right) whose describes her eclectic style as “folk-cabaret-rock”.

Bassist Or Edry, considered one of Tel Aviv’s best, who plays both with her band Monti Fiori and with rocker Asaf Amdursky.

Dana Berger first came on the scene in the early 90s with, as rock critic Yoav Kutner puts it, “songs full of expression, a sexy appearance and feminist sentiment that made her one of Israel’s most promising rockers”. Almost 20 years on, it seems she’s proved her staying power. Here she is with the grandaddy of Israeli rock, Shalom Hanoch.  

Ninet Tayeb, first prize winner of the first season of Israel’s “A Star is Born” (Israeli Idol), now a successful touring artist and working on her fifth album, to be recorded in English.

Yael Shoshana Cohen of indie band LolaMarsh and Israel’s version of The Voice (left) and folk-rocker Rotem Or (right).

More photos of Israel’s leading performers can be viewed on Guy Prives’ Facebook page.