Israel’s Synel Industries, a leader in the development and production of workforce management solutions, announced that through its affiliate, Synel UK and France, it has won a tender for computerized biometric attendance for the TEXACO chain of gas stations in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. The bid totals about 150,000 €.

Synel will supply and install 140 biometric fingerprint points, which will be integrated with Synel’s Harmony system, which is a software platform designed to interface with a range of workforce modules for organizations.

The system meets organizational needs in the areas of control, time and attendance, and various levels of HR management. It is expected that the new system will enable TEXACO to achieve better management control of its petrol stations and improve profitability.

All the stations should be fully computerized by the end of June and join the dozens of Harmony projects already operating successfully around the world.

Synel’s customers in the petroleum field include the Israeli gas station chains Paz, Delek, Pi Gliloth and the Ashdod Petrol Refineries, China’s SINOPEC oil refineries, and more.