It may be a small profession in Israel, but the country’s blacksmiths are winning acclaim worldwide. Meet Zeevik Gottlieb, one of the world’s finest.

Just a 10 minute drive east of Tel Aviv, the harsh blunt sounds of iron hitting iron rise above the pastoral setting of a eucalyptus grove. Here, among the trees world champion iron forger Zeevik Gottlieb has located his forging studio and blacksmithing school.

Zeevik Gottlieb

World champion iron forger Zeevik Gottlieb.

One of Israel’s top blacksmiths, he won world acclaim for his craft when he was crowned champion at the Biennial World Forging Championship held in Italy in 2009.

Blacksmithing is not as developed in Israel as it is in Europe, but Gottlieb explains: “In Israel we are educated to think outside of the box, to invent … to challenge things.”