If you’re on social media today you’ll know that Bob Dylan’s first official “Like A Rolling Stone” music video is the thing to watch. The revolutionary technology behind the new clip is the work of Israeli digital agency, Interlude Interactive Video Technology, and the country’s viral video whiz Vania Heymann.

Heymann has a Midas touch in the viral video world and has seen his commercials for Pepsi and American Express, among others, rake in hits.

“The video is brilliant for three reasons,” gushes a review on the DailyBeast. “The first is that it’s just plain fun to watch… the second reason: this is a really addictive format. You can watch Heymann’s video over and over and never get bored… The final reason Heymann’s ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ video is so great is that it actually honors Dylan’s song.”

The video is set up like a television and allows viewers to switch through 16 channels – each one featuring TV characters and celebrities lip-syncing the lyrics. Shows include The Price is Right, a tennis match at the Ramat Hasharon Tennis Center in Israel, a dating show, a shopping channel, a Hallmark-like romcom, a fashion channel, an Israeli TV news report, a children’s cartoon and a music video of Bob Dylan.

Yoni Bloch, a musician in his own right, and the CEO and co-founder of Interlude Interactive Video Technology – with offices in Tel Aviv, Palo Alto and New York – won the Prime Minister’s Prize for Initiatives and Innovation in 2012.

“You’ll always miss something because you can’t watch everything at the same time,” Bloch told Mashable.

“As a musician myself, I can’t imagine a more thrilling project to be a part of than helping create the first video for ‘Like a Rolling Stone,’ which is widely regarded as one of the greatest songs of all time,” said Bloch, on Dylan’s official website. “The song has repeatedly been voted the No. 1 Greatest Song of All Time by Rolling Stone, and is generally regarded as revolutionary, influencing both artists and popular music around the world. Like the song, we hope Interlude will inspire creative professionals everywhere to develop new and unique ways to tell stories through video.”

The new interactive clip has hit the web to coincide with Bob Dylan’s new box set release of The Complete Album Collection, Vol. 1.

Check it out: