August 3, 2016, Updated August 2, 2016

News reports of possible crime and terror scenarios in Rio de Janeiro continue to hover in the headlines but the guy in charge of the security budget for the Games isn’t worried.

“We have been living and breathing these Olympics for years already,” ISDS CEO Tomer Fulman told Globes. “For four years, we have sown, sprouted, watered, and grown, and now things are in the right balance.”

Fulman’s company, ISDS (International Security & Defense Systems) is in charge of making sure this global event takes place safely. ISDS is managing the $2.2 billion security budget to secure the Olympic Games, according to the Globes report.

Rio de Janeiro Games will serve as a real-time platform for Israeli security innovations and defense capabilities — collated from some 30 companies.

“ISDS’s role in Rio de Janeiro is to analyze all the events relating to the games – the stadium environs, the facilities, the routes for bicycle riders and sailors, the Olympic Village, the parking lots, and just about everything else, and to design scenarios and find answers for all of them. As the integrator for the Rio security system, the company is in contact with other companies, defines their responsibilities, selects the appropriate technologies, and divides up the work – and the billions,” according to the Globes report.

While news outlets continue to report on possible terror and crime scenarios, the Israeli Fulman says the Games are meant to be fun and his team is hoping to make it so. “The Olympics are not a war; they are a sports event hosting masses from all over the world coming to see the games, eat well, and drink,” he told Globes.

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