Spit it out. That’s the message at this year’s annual Givat Brenner Pickled Olive Festival. Organizers have invited the International Federation of Pit Spitting (yes, there is such an association) to run Israel’s first official olive pit spitting contest.

A Spanish tradition, spitting olive pits has now become popular at olive festivals across the globe including in China, Italy, Belgium and the Czech Republic. And Avner Shiloah, the pickled contest organizer and manager of the Givat Brenner Nurseries, sees no reason why Israel shouldn’t take part.

Shiloah said that olive pit spitting is a creative, fun and collective sport that unites men and women.

Like all competitions, the olive pit spit comes with a set of rules and regulations.

In fact, the International Federation of Pit Spitting (IFOPS) organization has even petitioned the International Olympic Committee to recognize it as an official sport. Shiloah said Israel supports the move.

The first Israeli pit spitting event is scheduled for February 10-11, 2012 at Givat Brenner Nurseries.

So, dining etiquette aside, it’s time to get those mouth muscles in shape. The IFOPS reports that a Spaniard spat out a world record of an amazing 21.32 meters. Shiloah predicts a better local projectile.