Hundreds of Chinese and East Asian students and researchers take part in exchange programs and advanced degree programs at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Unfortunately, since the coronavirus outbreak centered in China, some Asian students on campus have experienced unpleasant incidents fueled by fearmongering.

The university’s administration immediately condemned such incidents.

“We know firsthand of the dire consequences when a group of people is blamed for a global catastrophe,” they pointed out in a press statement.

They also provided on-campus counseling services and support for international students and researchers.

But they didn’t stop there.

Hebrew University just released a video of staff, students, alumni and friends – including university president Prof. Asher Cohen — showing the love to its Chinese students and its academic partner universities in China.

“To show our support for our Asian colleagues and to spread a message of hope, we have put together this video — ‘Jiayou! Our hearts are with you, China.’”