Ambassador spotlight: Isa Zweiback

University: Tulane

Major:Art history with a double minor in psychology and philosophy

What is your favorite part about the Digital Ambassador Program?

Getting to forge a relationship with likeminded people who share my values and passions, yet live in various different cities.

What was your most memorable experience in Israel?

I have a very deep connection to Israel as I spent fourth through sixth grade living in Jerusalem. Those years are some of the fondest memories of my childhood.

I attended a regular Israeli school and took all of my classes in Hebrew. My sisters and I would wake up every morning and go to the makolet (local grocery), buy shoko b’sakit (chocolate milk in a bag) and walk to school together.

Isa Zweiback and her sisters as little girls landing in Israel with their parents.

During my three years in Israel, I got the chance to develop lifelong connections with friends and relatives. I was able to see the whole country and developed a love for it.

My family still visits Israel every summer and I spend all year waiting for my coveted time in Israel. I love just sitting and walking along the beach and spending time with friends and family that I get to see only once a year.

Isa Zweiback and her mom in Jaffa, looking out to the Tel Aviv coastline.

What is your favorite ISRAEL21c video or article, and why?

My favorite ISRAEL21c article is the Anastasia restaurant piece, because it was my team’s first published article.

As part of my internship with ISRAEL21c I have the opportunity to work with an amazing team of five students attending different schools across the United States. Together we have chosen to spotlight vegan lifestyle, specifically restaurants in Israel. So far we have published five articles!

What do you think makes Israelis unique?

I think that the mentality of Israelis is what makes Israel so unique. They call people who are Israeli natives tzabarim (sabras), which means cactusfruit. The reason for this is because Israelis are sometimes prickly on the outside but so sweet on the inside, just like the cactus fruit. I believe that Israeli people are the most kindhearted and easygoing people to be around.

If you could bring one thing to America from Israel, what would it be? 

I would bring Tamara, the frozen yogurt shop in Tel Aviv. This is also my favorite restaurant!