It was only a matter of time before the popular Pokémon Go digital game would spawn add-on gadgets and an Israeli startup is hoping to get an early foot in the door when it comes to helping gamers catch these virtual creatures.

Innotop has announced a special Aimer Case for Pokémon GO. It guides players in how to slide their finger best in order to “hit” and then “catch” the Pokémon without wasting Pokéballs.

Think bowling with bumpers.

Estimates show that there are 10 million daily active users of the Pokémon GO game. Anyone who has tried the game knows that sliding a red – or even blue — Pokéball at Meowth, Rattata, Diglett, Ekans or Pikachu isn’t always a success.

Innotop is banking on the fact that there many frustrated gamers missing their intended targets.

The blue-and-white company – registered in August with bootstrapped funds and a virtual office — says it is the first in the world to manufacture mass quantities of its aimer accessory. The Israeli case resembles one made by an Australian entrepreneur but while his cases are made-to-order on a 3D-printer at home, Innotop can manufacture many cases at once.

At the moment, the plastic Innotop frame fits on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s devices but cases for other popular smartphone models are in the works.

The $10 cases come in five colors – white, red, pink, blue and black – and are already being sold online.

The Innotop aimer case is available in five colors. Photo: courtesy
The Innotop aimer case is available in five colors. Photo: courtesy

Of course, there are many other Pokémon GO accessories and apparel already being sold by Niantic, the publisher of the augmented-reality game. Not many outside companies are offering add-on gadgets for Pokémon GO gamers — yet.

Innotop reports high interest from the US, UK and Israel and says its product will soon hit the shelves of mobile phone shops and toy stores around the globe.