Four Israelis have won an Oscar in the scientific and engineering category for technology developed by the firm Amimon.

The company’s chipset, used throughout the global film industry, transmits high-quality video from many cameras to monitors on a film or television set, with no delay. The result is that a director can see all shooting angles on a set simultaneously in real time.

Amimon was started in 2004 by Tel Aviv University Prof. Meir Feder and his former student, Zvi Reznic, and Tel Aviv University graduate Noam Geri, based on technology developed at the university. The Academy Award was shared by Amimon senior executives Guy Gorman and Ron Yogev.

Feder called the award “a proud moment for Tel Aviv University. We developed the basic technology in 2004-2005, when everyone thought that the task was very difficult or even impossible. We knew that it was a real technological achievement, but never imagined we would win the Oscar for it.”

Feder is no stranger to technological achievement.

“I have won many academic awards, but the Oscar is certainly the most famous,” he said. “For me and for the great team who took part in developing the technology, this is an enormous achievement.”

Film director Joseph Pitchhadze, who teaches at the Tel Aviv University’s Steve Tisch School of Film and Television, commented that “the main importance of Prof. Meir Feder’s technological development is shortening the set building in multi-camera productions. This novel technology saves production time and frees significantly more time for the creation itself.”

The Academy Award Committee gave a more technical explanation.

“By using novel extensions of digital data transmission and compression algorithms, and data prioritization based on error rate, the Amimon chipset supports the creation of systems with virtually unrestricted camera motion, expanding creative freedom during filming.”

The formal presentation of the award will be made in a virtual event on February 13.

In other news, Shira Hass has been nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance of Esther in the TV series, Unorthodox. She has been nominated for Best Actress in a Limited Series or TV movie category.