A fundraising campaign to deliver medicines, perishable medical equipment and food to Lebanese citizens in the wake of Tuesday’s massive explosion was launched in Israel by Israeli Flying Aid.

IFA is a nonprofit, non-governmental volunteer organization that provides aid in areas of natural disaster or conflict. It specializes in transferring lifesaving assistance to civilians in countries without diplomatic ties with Israel, such as Pakistan, Sudan, Indonesia, Iraq and Syria.

“While a crisis on a historic scale is befalling our neighbors beyond the mountains, we Israeli citizens seek to transcend any political or diplomatic consideration and extend a supportive hand to our neighbor, the Lebanese people.” said the organization’s founder, Gal Lusky.

The chemical explosion at the port of Beirut triggered fires that have killed more than 135 people, injured at least 4,000, and rendered hundreds of thousands homeless.

The Israeli government, hospitals near the border and other aid groups have offered assistance to the Lebanese government despite the enmity between the two countries.

IsraAID is “assessing the situation and exploring ways we can help” even as it is raising funds for its global Covid-19 response.  Another Israeli humanitarian aid group, SmartAID, “stands ready to provide medical equipment, solar-powered lanterns, chargers for cell phones, clean water and basic relief items” with the help of global aid partners.

“When the land is on fire, and basic needs like food, clothing and medical care are scarce, there is no room for politics and narrow interests — there is no distinction between race, religion, sex and nationality — we are all human beings, we were all created in the image of God,” said Lusky.

Using the JGive platform, the IFA set a fundraising target of NIS 1 million (about $293,000).