Two Israeli companies — SangamTech and SQream Technologies – have been selected among the 50 big data startups to vie for the CODE_n14 contest set to take place at CeBIT in March 2014.

SangamTech’s social data-sharing platform lets users share data from real-time reports and forecasts that helps with improving energy management.

SQream Technologies boasts a revolutionary technology that enables processing and analyzing of Big Data significantly faster than leading DBMSs and analytics solutions on the market today.

More than 450 applicants from 60 countries applied for the competition and its €30,000 purse.

“We were overwhelmed by the exceptional quality of the applications we received,” says Ulrich Dietz, initiator of CODE_n and CEO of the GFT Group. “CODE_n will showcase what is already possible with big data – not just in terms of technology, but also in terms of ground-breaking applications and industry solutions.”

Startups from 16 countries made it to the final round of the competition. In addition to Israel’s two entries, representatives will come from Germany, the US, the UK, Brazil, the Netherlands, Spain, Bulgaria, France, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Canada, Luxemburg and Hungary.

The 50 finalists include a 3D model for construction companies to improve scheduling, an analysis tool that can be used to effectively tackle power outages and energy waste, a transportation management system for preventing traffic jams, a digital stress measurement device as an answer to impending burnout, and software that generates 3D maps of the human brain to pinpoint tissue anomalies.

“Being able to select finalists from so many outstanding business concepts was a true luxury,” says Mark Smith, CEO at Ernst & Young. “We could easily have chosen three times the number of startups as finalists, without losing anything in terms of quality.”

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