Israel’s Synel Industries, a leader in the development and production of workforce management solutions, has won a Harmony – Schedule Master System project and its systems will be used starting tomorrow at the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts in the UK.

Commonly abbreviated to Glastonbury or Glasto, the festival is the largest open-air music and performing arts event in the world, featuring contemporary music, dance, comedy, theater, circus, cabaret and many other arts. This year it will be held from June 23 to 27.

The Synel System will be used by the Workers Beer Company to collect data via Wi-Fi connectivity that will process and compare actual versus planned attendance. It will also be used to record the attendance of 1,200 festival employees. In addition, the Harmony System will produce meal vouchers for the employees, taking into account actual hours worked.

According to the company, Schedule Master’s scheduling algorithm organizes staff rosters and deploys employees in a time and cost-effective manner. In April, Synel won a tender for computerized biometric attendance for the TEXACO chain of gas stations in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.