This new alliance brings together the expertise of top Israeli security officials from GS-3 who have hands-on experience addressing terrorism threats and ESSI’s extensive knowledge of cyber-security.A pioneer Israeli counter-terrorism consulting firm, GS-3, is joining forces with ESSI, a U.S. company in the information security field which provides premier cyber- security consulting to government and corporate clients

This new alliance will bring together the expertise of top Israeli security officials who have hands-on experience addressing terrorism threats and ESSI’s extensive knowledge of cyber-security. Under the agreement between the two companies, GS-3 will collaborate with ESSI to develop and plan customized risk assessments, crisis management, training, recovery planning, and advanced technology solutions to prevent against security breeches for public and private facilities and their network infrastructure.

“Recent events have heightened concerns regarding the ability of terrorists to cause severe damage to critical infrastructure such as transportation, banking & finance, energy and telecommunications,” said Mark J. Simon, CEO of ESSI. “Our partnership with GS-3 will provide unparalleled security expertise in securing our clients infrastructure and facilities against potential terrorist acts.”

GS-3, based in Tel Aviv and Virginia, is an international security solutions provider offering risk assessment, crisis management, training, recovery planning, and advanced technology solutions to airports, airlines, corporations, energy plants and public facilities.

Founded in October 2001 by Brigadier General (ret.) Joel Feldschuh, former CEO of El Al Israel Airlines and head of intelligence for the Israeli Air Force during the Gulf War, GS-3 consultants have successfully implemented security programs in over 60 countries worldwide, including the Pittsburgh International Airport and the Port Authority of NY and NJ. Other recent assignments for GS-3 include anti-terrorism training for a major US airline and a comprehensive security audit for the largest operator of nuclear facilities in the United States.

“The GS-3/ESSI alliance is based on a clear market demand for a customized approach to cyber security and counter terror solutions from providers who deeply understand the risks, threats and vulnerabilities that companies and organizations are facing today,” said Feldschuh, who holds the title of CEO of GS-3. “By joining forces our firms provide a unique set of services that is unrivaled in the security industry.”

Until now, GS-3 has focused its energies on addressing urgent US security needs at airlines, airports and nuclear power facilities, working in all three sectors to help them identify potential vulnerabilities and assist them in designing effective countermeasures. GS-3’s approach has been to apply proven Israeli insights, approaches and techniques and adapt them to the unique terrorist threats observable in the United States.

The company was founded when “we felt that the US was going to experience a very sharp turnaround with regard to domestic aviation security,” Feldschuh says. “Unfortunately, back in Israel we have been experiencing terrorist attacks for the last 50 years – the Israeli people are born into an environment in which a natural awareness and understanding of the importance of security is fostered from an early age. Because of this, we have a huge reservoir of knowledge, expertise and talent in all areas of security that we feel we can successfully adapt to the unique needs of the American market.”

GS-3 project manager Omer Laviv explained that this new collaboration with ESSI enables GS-3 to offer a more comprehensive solution to security issues. “Cyber-terrorism is developing rapidly in the world and governments, as well as corporations, are investing a lot of money to prevent security breaches that might lead to disasters,” Laviv said. “Together with ESSI, GS-3 can offer a “full service package” of Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (TVRA) and provide solutions to the security breaches found, whether its perimeter security, aviation security, cyber security, physical security or corporate security.”

Laviv added that “we feel proud that Israeli technology is very advanced. Our counter-terrorism know-how, unfortunately, was achieved with blood. We are not proud of it but we are willing to share it. In my opinion, due to the 9/11 terror attacks, the American public came to realize that both nations share the same enemies and the same battlefield.”