The Israeli Max Brenner chain specializing in chocolate is truly going international this year, with a 9,214-square-foot branch facing the H&M flagship store in Caesars Palace mall in Los Vegas. The two-storey branch is to include more than 200 seats, a bar, a shop and a room for private events.

Another branch of the chain owned by the Strauss Group is expected to open in Boston, in the Restaurant Row area. It will include about 150 seats as well as a full-service bar with stools, a chocolate shop and a chocolate restaurant.

Some $5.35 million was invested in the two new branches, which will join the chain’s 30 branches worldwide: Two in Manhattan, 18 in Australia, two in the Philippines, two in Singapore and six in Israel. The company’s headquarters employs 15 people, led by founder Oded Brenner.

The Max Brenner chain was established in 1995 by Oded Brenner and Max Fichtman, and is now owned by the Strauss Group after it was acquired by Elite in 2001. The chain’s global sales turnover stands at $32 million.