Last year, ISRAEL21c reported on a 3D printer for plant-based burgers being developed by startup SavorEat.

Now, Israeli hamburger restaurant group Burgus Burger Bar has partnered with SavorEat to finish developing the “digital chef” system ahead of a beta pilot at some of the group’s 100 BBB, Mozes and Burgerim restaurants within two years.

“Their specialty is burgers so they know how a burger should feel and taste,” says Racheli Vizman, cofounder and CEO of SavorEat. “They will help us with every aspect of the formulation of the product.”

From left, SavorEat cofounders Prof. Ido Braslavsky, Racheli Vizman and Prof. Oded Shoseyov. Photo: courtesy

SavorEat’s 3D printing platform can bake, grill or fry a personalized plant-based burger using ingredient cartridges. The key ingredient is shelf-stable submicron crystalline cellulose, a zero-calorie derivative of plant fiber, as a self-assembling binder in place of starch, egg whites, gluten or gelatin.

“Today we print one burger at a time,” Vizman tells ISRAEL21c. “We wish to print up to eight at a time within about six minutes.”

The partnership with BBB will help SavorEat understand the daily operations of a chain restaurant, to make sure the system can easily be integrated into that environment. Chain restaurants will be the initial target market.

SavorEat is based on the research of Hebrew University professors Oded Shoseyov and Ido Braslavsky. The Rehovot-based startup raised a seed round and is now seeking additional funding and collaborations with multinational companies.