Abigail Klein Leichman
March 2, 2017, Updated March 1, 2017

Last week, Fortune magazine released “Here are 50 Companies Leading the AI Revolution,” and the prestigious list includes three hot Israeli companies in the artificial intelligence sector: Logz.ioVoyager Labs and Zebra Medical Vision.

Fortune’s infographic includes only six countries and features an equal number of notable AI companies from Israel (population 8.5 million) as China (population 1.38 billion) and the United Kingdom, and more than France and Taiwan. Only the United States has more companies on the graph.

Fortune relied on research firm CB Insights’ AI 100 list of the most promising artificial intelligence startups globally, based on factors like financing history, investor quality, business category and momentum.

The CB Insights list also includes Israeli companies Prospera Technologies  (ag-tech at work in Spain, Mexico and New York) and Chorus.ai  (conversation intelligence for sales teams).

“A look at the 50 largest startups on the list, ranked by total funds raised, shows that investment in AI is surging worldwide,” Fortune writes. That number in 2016 was $5 billion.

Logz.io’s AI-powered log analysis platform helps DevOps engineers, system administrators and developers centralize log data with dashboards and visualizations and discover critical insights within their data.

Voyager Labs, established in 2012, has raised $100 million and recently came out of stealth mode with its artificial intelligence engine to extract real-time tailored insights into human behavior by analyzing massive amounts of publicly available unstructured data. The company has R&D roots in Tel Aviv, and offices in New York, Washington and London.

Zebra Medical, whose technology teaches computers to read medical images, last month unveiled a new algorithm to detect compression and other vertebral fractures, and was named on Fast Company’s Top 10 AI list.