On January 9, ISRAEL21c broke the news to the English-speaking public about a revolutionary Israeli invention now entering the European market: B-Lite – the world’s lightest-weight breast implant.

Dael Govreen-Segal, the biomedical engineer who worked for years to perfect B-Lite on the suggestion of his brother, plastic surgeon Dr. Jacky Govrin, tells ISRAEL21c that the article spawned a flurry of interest from would-be patients as well as distributors, marketers and other professionals eager to learn more about the G & G Biotechnology product.

“The initial awareness snowballed,” he says. “For us, the article on ISRAEL21c was the first one we did in the English language, and that gave us significant exposure in that there is quite a diverse readership. Following the article’s publication, we got a lot of approaches from women, from distributors and from various service providers offering marketing, legal and IT services. We also had two approaches from potential investors.”

These inquiries, to his surprise, came not only from North America but also from South Korea, New Zealand and various European countries.

B-Lite, the product making waves.
B-Lite, the product making waves.

“The other thing that happened is that the [UK] Daily Mail on Sunday picked up the [ISRAEL21c] article and did its own article about us. Then, in a funny twist, The Marker in Israel picked up the story from the Daily Mail so it’s kind of like a ping-pong game.”

Govreen-Segal noticed as well that the ISRAEL21c article was reposted and reprinted “pretty much as is” in blogs (such as DocsTalk), Jewish newspapers and websites such as the Heritage Florida Jewish News and Shalom Life, professional websites (such as Plastic Surgery Portal) as well as a Canadian newspaper.

“We will follow up with all those who contacted us,” Govreen-Segal says. “It’s been very good exposure for us and we are very grateful to you for the article.”