The most in-demand technologies of today — such as cyber-security, med-tech, Internet of Things software, and big-data analytics — happen to be Israel’s specialty.

And, as readers know, ISRAEL21c is the source for covering Israel’s innovation news.

Adding these two parts together — Israeli innovation + ISRAEL21c – you get a simple equation for an uplifting lecture series.
Five US Jewish Federations have invited ISRAEL21c to speak about Israel’s creativity in technology and to broaden public understanding of Israel far beyond typical news in the mainstream media.

In six talks, beginning in Springfield, Illinois on December 1, ISRAEL21c’s Associate Editor, Viva Sarah Press, will highlight the culture of entrepreneurship in Israel, the creativity process, and some of the amazing technologies being created by blue-and-white companies.

Viva will present two talks. The first will show how Israeli technologies are changing the global healthcare scene. The second will focus on how Israeli cyber experts are keeping our online world safe.

“Security and health are two of the greatest challenges facing the world today and these are both areas in which Israel excels,” says Nicky Blackburn, Editor of ISRAEL21c. “Israel is a nation of creative thinkers, people who are used to tackling the biggest challenges of the day to develop inventive and original solutions.”

“There’s never been a time when security was more important, and you don’t need the Sony hack or ‘The Interview’ to point that out. … This is stuff that Israel is very good at because of our military capabilities, as evidenced by our expertise at Iron Dome, which is the world’s most spectacular public example of real-time computing. … Add that to big data, analytics, the cloud — all things Israel is good at. It turns out Israel is more relevant than before,” Jonathan Medved, one of Israel’s leading high-tech venture capitalists, told ISRAEL21c in an interview about Israel’s leading role in the cybersecurity field.

Matthew Bennett, Israel & Community Relations Director of the Jewish Federation of Atlantic & Cape May Counties, says: “Jewish Federation of Atlantic & Cape May Counties is committed to strengthening the NJ-Israel relationship. One of the ways we fulfill that commitment is by inviting Israeli speakers to our communities, to educate people about the achievements and accomplishments coming from Israel. One of our local Hadassah chapters partnered with the Israeli Investment Club to co-sponsor a lecture from ISRAEL21c’s Viva Press in order to learn more about recent Israeli innovation.”

The Jewish Federations of North America dispatches some two dozen speakers from Israel every year.

ISRAEL21c’s health innovations talks last May in Rochester, N.Y. and Omaha, Nebraska were well received.

“We’re very excited to hear the new talk,” says Rabbi Debbi Till, director of community relations of the Jewish Federation of Rochester. “Viva was our third and final speaker in our annual Israel Speaker series last year; Ari Shavit and David Horovitz were here earlier in the year. Her material was compelling, she was engaging and it was a perfect way to finish off the series and a superb way to highlight Israel.”

Viva will give talks in Springfield, Illinois; Tidewater, Virginia; Atlantic City, New Jersey; Boston, Massachusetts; and Rochester, New York from December 1-10, 2015.

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