Two years ago, ISRAEL21c reported on an all-natural superabsorbent polymer (SAP) invented in Israel that can help people lose weight safely, grow crops with less water and dispose of diapers without harming the earth.

Until our story appeared, the maker of this novel material, the Kiryat Gat-based Exotech Bio Solutions, had been unable to raise enough capital to make sufficient SAP for interested manufacturers.

“We needed help being discovered,” co-CEO Mendy Axlerad told us when he called with an update – and a big “thank you” earlier this year.

Because that’s just what we provided.

As a result of ISRAEL21c’s article, entrepreneurs in Europe and South America contacted Axlerad, and are now building factories to produce the unique Israeli product.

“A company from northern Portugal contacted us asking for a sample, and after we sent it, they said, ‘If you had a partner, would you build a factory?’ They came to visit us and we signed an agreement to build the first factory in the world to produce our SAP,” says Axlerad.

“We expect to start production in seven to nine months from now, making 5,000 tons per year.”

Managers of a German company also saw the ISRAEL21c piece and contacted Axlerad. In a few months, their facility will start producing Exotech’s SAP and transfer it via pipeline to a new diaper factory next door.

“Nothing like this exists anywhere else,” Axlerad told us with pride. “The raw material will move in a fully ecological way to produce the finished product.”

ISRAEL21c congratulates Exotech on these achievements.