November 1, 2021, 9:41 am

Climate change is the biggest crisis facing our world today – but in comparison to the scale of the emergency, the issue receives far too little news coverage.

ISRAEL21c was founded 20 years ago this month, in November 2001. Our 20th anniversary is an opportunity for us to commit to doing what we can to fill this gap.

Though a small country, Israel’s history of ingenuity through necessity is likely to have a disproportionate impact on this critical issue.

At ISRAEL21c, we are in a unique position to bring you good news from Israel regarding the contributions of its citizens to this global challenge.

Bringing color and depth to Israel reporting

Right from the start, our mission has been to tell stories about Israel that aren’t readily found elsewhere. With the world media framing its reporting almost exclusively through conflict and presenting a black and white picture, we bring color and depth.

Our stories show the life and heart of Israel, and share the humanity of the people living here, whatever their race or religion.

Similarly, the changing climate knows no boundaries or political conflict. It does not care who you are or what you believe. It impacts us all, and that is precisely why we must come together to find a sustainable future.

It is our responsibility, as the leading online news magazine covering original, positive content from Israel, to build on 20 years by highlighting the climate crisis that is affecting us all, and to explore the collective path forward.

We are, with intentionality, carving out more time and space to examine how Israel’s researchers, innovators, and thought leaders fit into the most pressing issue for humanity. 

We’ll bring you their stories. We’ll share their innovations, motivations, concerns, challenges and hopes for a better future.

You can read the first in our series, on Ran Korber, who started a company that monitors air pollution and tracks wildfires worldwide, because his wife had asthma and they wanted to find a clean place to live. 

You can also find out about other leading Israeli climate researchers and activists here.

A commitment to stories that bring hope

ISRAEL21c launched as a necessary experiment, to broaden the conversation by highlighting the values of the Israeli people and their shared future as global citizens. 

Now, we build on that foundation by focusing not only on life in Israel or the Middle East, but on an issue that will impact the entire world for generations to come. 

And we are doing so with a lens on the positive, forward-thinking aspects of combating climate change, in a way no one else is. That’s Israel’s spirit, and that’s our approach too. 

As we all endeavor on this journey to save our planet, we will continue to bring you stories that give hope and inspire action.

We will always bring you the good news from Israel. 

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