The largest air show and conference ever to be held in Israel, International Aerospace 2010, the country’s first international air salon, will take place in November 2010 at one of Israel’s airports, the Israel-based Technologies magazine has announced.

The conference and exhibition are expected to attract the world’s top aeronautics and aerospace corporations.

The steering committee for the conference is comprised of Israel’s top military, aviation industry and air force brass. “Israel has a wide variety of technologies that have piqued the interest of the global aviation industry, particularly in the area of military applications,” says Colonel (res.) Amnon Ben David, who is heading up the conference and exhibition.

Technologies‘ vice president Dorit Aldubi Roffe says that the Aerospace conference will be one of the largest and most ambitious such events ever held in Israel, noting that in recent years there has been declining attraction to large-scale aeronautics conferences like the Paris Air Salon, and at the same time aeronautics and aerospace conferences of a more focused nature have become more popular.