In a country with scarce water resources, Israel has always had to take an innovative approach to water use and management. Now that innovation is paying off.

Since Netafim first began selling the Israeli invention of drip irrigation, Israel has become one of the world’s leading powerhouses in water technology, with hundreds of cutting edge water and sustainable energy companies offering a vast range of new technologies.

Many of the most exciting companies emerging today are start-ups. These include Takadu, which has developed a unique technology that enables water utilities to detect and send alerts about leaks in water networks; Applied Cleantech which views sewage as a treasure trove, and has a wastewater treatment process that recycles municipal sewage into usable commodities; and Solaris Synergy, a company that has developed a system of mirrors that concentrates the sun on special solar collectors that can float on any body of water.



Oded Distel, director of NewTech, an initiative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, tells ISRAEL21c, “the knowhow, experience, technology, managerial skills, legal framework [for the water industry] – everything was developed here purely out of necessity.”

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