Chairman of the Israel Innovation Authority Avi Hasson recently signed an R&D cooperation agreement with his Chilean counterpart Eduardo Bitran, Vice President of the Innovation Authority of Chile (CORFO). The agreement between the authorities will connect startups, technology and research in a variety of fields.

Chile is among the leaders in entrepreneurship and technology in the Pacific Alliance (Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Costa Rica), in which the countries have a joint GDP of $3 trillion and 40 percent of the GNP of all of Latin America – the eighth largest global economy.

Israel and Chile will join forces to find technology-based solutions to the challenges of climate change, desert irrigation and the development of solar energy.

The Israel Innovation Authority hopes that Chile will serve as a springboard for Israel to enter global markets in a range of traditional industries. After all, Chile is a world leader in mining, agriculture and food production. And it is one of the countries with the highest export rates for wine, fishery, and metals.